Maintaining Your Joy in the Holiday Chaos

In the spirit of keepin’ it real, I’ve struggled this week. I’m working overtime at my day job and part-time on Overflowing Woman. Winter sports and endless holiday obligations are happening, and we just threw my baby girl’s birthday party. Somehow, I still have to connect with God, husband, friends, and survive the holiday craziness, with its obligatory decorating, events, gift-buying, cooking, etc. Unfortunately, I let the stress of everything impact my attitude, and it started to affect other people.

Thankfully, God reminded me that centering on Jesus and gratitude are the keys to maintaining peace in the pandemonium. The truth is, this time of year is an opportunity to recognize the countless ways God has blessed us: to practice his teachings, put Jesus first, be strategic with our time, and reconfigure our priorities. It’s an opportunity to engage with our tribes and say “no” to what doesn’t matter so we can say “yes” to what does.

Reality check: I wouldn’t be busy if I weren’t blessed with a job and if God hadn’t given me a calling. I wouldn’t have so many people and invitations to juggle if the Lord hadn’t entrusted me with a beautiful family and amazing friends. I couldn’t cook food if God didn’t grant us the means to buy groceries. We would not have this holiday if Jesus had never come to earth to die for us.

Luke10:27 – And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and your neighbor as yourself?

Jesus’ life is the heart of this season and running around in a complete state of overwhelm does the opposite of honoring and loving him. When we love him, we obey him, and he commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves eight times in the Bible. Eight.

That’s a two-fold instruction: 1) You must love and show yourself kindness because when you’re overstressed, overstretched, and overwhelmed, you’re not a good neighbor (definition: anyone who isn’t you) to anyone else. Care for yourself! 2) This holiday season, give people the present of your presence and focus, let your love overflow to them, and find someone to bless.

Reflection Questions:

  • How do you plan to rejuvenate yourself this holiday season?
  • What can you say no to or delegate?
  • How are you going to show your neighbors true holiday love?
  • And most importantly, how are you going to honor the life of Jesus this Christmas?

Weekly Wise Counsel: Whenever you start to feel overwhelmed, focus on Jesus and the ways he’s blessed you. You wouldn’t have any dishes to clean if you were homeless.

Prayer: Jesus, help us honor you and put your first this season. Open our eyes to your blessings and help our hearts beat for you. Help us love our neighbors and ourselves in ways that please you and bring you glory! Thank you for dying for us so we can live in you! Amen.

Do you have a great tip for thriving in the holiday madness? If so, we need to know it! Please share in the comments below. If you’re struggling with overwhelm, please share that, too.

Either way, your words will encourage someone and let them know they’re not alone! This will also help me get to know you better. I want my work to meet your needs and hearing your voice will help me do that!

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Thanks for reading and God bless!

Photo by Nathan Wolfe on Unsplash

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