Why You Should Make Yourself Uncomfortable Every Day – Day 11

I took my first cold shower today. It was awful. Every millisecond felt like torture. I hate being cold. HATE it! Yes, I used the four-letter H-word we teach our kids not to say. However, it’s the only word that adequately describes my feelings about all things chilly. (Except ice cream. Can I get a hip hip hooray for mint chocolate chip!?!)

To help you understand my level of cold-aversion, I drink my water lukewarm and I gave up the idea of dating my childhood crush the instant I found out about his dream to move to a ski lodge in Colorado. Cold is a dealbreaker. 

Thanks to this morning’s frigid experience, I’ve decided to take an ice cold shower every single day. Why? Because after I got over the shock (and got back out and warmed up) it was invigorating. I felt alive! I also felt like I’d conquered my day first thing in the morning by tackling something that made me incredibly uncomfortable. I didn’t back down. It may sound small and stupid, but it was a big deal. 

Despite my strong feelings about low temps, cold showers have a ton of health benefits, such as decreasing depression and increasing your immunity and metabolism. It’s also supposed to make your skin glow.  I won’t go into all the perks here, but if you’re interested, Healthline has a great article on it. 

The true benefits I’m seeking are personal and spiritual. Sure, I like to stay warm, dry, and comfortable, but I know God rarely operates in our comfort zone (CZ). He usually has to drag us out of the CZ kicking and screaming. I want to challenge myself to do something that makes me uncomfortable every day so I’m more mentally prepared when God comes a-calling because he knows what’s good for me, even when I don’t.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) – 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Pretty much every hero of the bible was reluctant to step out of their CZ answer God’s call – Esther was afraid to risk her life, even if it meant saving all of her people. Moses didn’t want to lead because he had a speech impediment, and Gideon felt too small and weak to take on the Midianites.

However, God saw something in each of them they didn’t recognize in themselves. In order to do God’s work though, they all had to willingly leave their comfort zones and put their faith in the Lord, his plans, and his ability to equip them, rather than in themselves. 

God will qualify you, but you have to be open to discomfort. Read the verse below and notice how Moses was hesitant, but God empowered him with unique tools. Moses presented his objections, but God equipped him. Thankfully, Moses decided to trust his Father and answered the call, and then went on to do such great things, we’re still talking about them thousands of years later. 

Overflowing Jesus Journal: Day 11

Let’s use journaling to explore how these concepts apply to your life. Prayer journaling is a powerful way to connect with God, focus our prayers, and make sense of our feelings.

Read the passage below and let it’s meaning settle into your soul.

Exodus 4:1-5 – The Message translation –  

Moses objected, “They won’t trust me. They won’t listen to a word I say. They’re going to say, ‘God? Appear to him? Hardly!’”  

So God said, “What’s that in your hand?” 

“A staff.”  

“Throw it on the ground.” 

He threw it. It became a snake; Moses jumped back—fast!  God said to Moses, “Reach out and grab it by the tail.” He reached out and grabbed it—and he was holding his staff again. “That’s so they will trust that God appeared to you, the God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.”

When you’re ready, write the following as a prayer to God:

  • Ask God to reveal the things he’s calling you to do, but you avoid or put off because they make you uncomfortable. Write them down as he shows them to you.
  • Ask him to help you trust him and to give you the strength to move when he calls you to. 
  • List one healthy thing you will do today (or tomorrow if it’s too late) to purposefully make yourself uncomfortable.
  • Thank him for three things from your week. No repeats from previous entries!

Enjoying your prayer journal experience? Desperate for the other prompts? Well, you’re in luck! This is one of 40 prayer journal posts. To keep moving through them, just click the left button on the post carousel below and follow them in chronological order to get the full healing experience.

Just let God move through them at a pace that brings you peace. I pray this experience blesses you, brings clarity, and draws you closer to God, the way it did for me and many other people!

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Be blessed, my friends!

Featured photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Make Yourself Uncomfortable Every Day – Day 11

  1. Thank you, Julie, for painting the picture to EMBRACE and invite, to be open to Discomfort, in order to grow! I see the butterfly coming out of the cocoon, the snake shedding its skin, the egg cracking for chick to emerge… each are part if the process. Fall INTO trusting God. Stop pulling back, or staying put in the selfishness of fear or my own comfort.
    I am now armored for a great day!. God blesses all !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes and AMEN, Susie! That so true, both in the spiritual and everyday. I wonder how many beautiful moments and memories we’ve missed to avoid discomfort, but more important, how many amazing new experiences will we have when we embrace it? Where will God take us? What will our relationships be like? It’s so exciting to think about!

      Thank you!


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