Overflowing Jesus Journal – Day 20

Hey friends! I’m so excited you’re here!

This your Day 20 prayer journal prompt. I hope you’re enjoying your journaling experience! For me, it’s been a joyful journey into God’s peace. My prayer for you is that it brings you hope, clarity, and healing, and that it connects you to Jesus’s love for you.

If this is your first time reading, or it’s your first time back in a while, welcome! We are doing 40 days of prayer journal prompts and I hope you’ll join us. I normally accompany each with a story, but this week’s prompts, days 15-21, will be simpler because I’m taking a week to rejuvenate and enjoy God and my family.

I can’t teach others how to overcome overwhelm if I don’t live out those same principles and take time to rest, connect, and care for myself! 

Day 20 Prompt:

Read the verse, below. Really turn it over in your mind and it and let its meaning steep into your soul.

Jeremiah 3:15 NIV – I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.

When you’re ready, write the following as a prayer:

  • God, the creator of the universe, wants to refresh you. Isn’t that cool? Are you hanging onto anything in your life that blocks his ability to do that for you? I’ll bet you are. Write it down.
  • Whatever it is, completely release it to him. Write it down. Once the words flow out of you and onto the paper (or computer screen) it’s not yours anymore. It’s HIS, and you can trust him with it. (Creator of the universe, remember?) Thank him for taking that burden from you.
  • What’s a refreshing activity you can enjoy with a loved one, today? Pen your plan to do it and make sure it’s easily actionable. Now, actually complete your plan before bed tonight. 
  • Tell God three things you’re grateful for from the last 24 hours. Remember, no repeats from previous entries!

If this is your first time here, welcome! If it’s your first time prayer journaling and you want more journal prompts, start with Day 1. It explains the whole concept. If you like, you can do the posts after the Day 1 post, in chronological order, to get the full healing experience. Just click the left arrow on the post carousel, below, to move through them.

If you’re crunched on time, you can also treat them like a buffet, and only write on the ones that inspire you or tug at your spirit. This is your journey, I’m thrilled that this little blog is a part of it!

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Let’s connect! You can find me on Instagram and Facebook (unless I’m on vacation). See you there! 

Whether you’re struggling or celebrating, I’d love to pray for you! You can email me at Julie@OverflowingWoman.com with your prayer requests and/or praises.

I pray your week overflows with God’s love and goodness!

Be blessed!

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