Learning to Accept Kindness From Others – Day 37

As women and Christians, we sometimes believe we have to live in a state of false humility and poo poo away any acknowledgment of our gifts, or even simple compliments. 

Ever done this before?

Friend: You look really nice today!

You: Oh, it’s nice of you to say that, but I couldn’t get my hair to cooperate today and this old outfit…

When we blow off everything everyone says or assume they’re “just being nice,” we sometimes miss the clues God gives us about the gifts and talents He needs us to develop. Can you imagine a world where everyone was too afraid to develop their genius for fear of failure or rejection? Where people refused to chase their dreams because they were too scared to let themselves have them in the first place? Too afraid to follow the clues to even learn what their talents were or the dreams those talents could lead them toward, let alone the people they could help with them? 

Ignoring the clues also robs us of the things that bring us joy. My singing will never win a Grammy. Ever. But I used to be terrified of hearing my own voice. Then, one day as I was singing along to the music blasting in the car, my husband looked over in surprise and said, “You know, you’ve got a really good voice!”. I laughed right in his face. He kept insisting I could sing and I kept writing him off, but over time, I started to believe him a little bit. (After all, he’s a phenomenal, experienced singer who knows his stuff!) 

Eventually, I got up the guts to sing a silly karaoke song, and you know what? It. Was. So. FUN! I started singing more and more and now it’s one of my greatest stress relievers – one that makes my spirit overflow with happiness and sets my world right when everything seems wrong. 

There are so many special moments I would have never had if I’d ignored him: 

  • I would have missed a  phenomenal weekend in Baltimore with two of my girlfriends when we auditioned for The Voice. I didn’t go because I wanted to win. I just wanted the memories of doing it – the experience of facing down fear and being there with them on a fun adventure. I will cherish that experience for the rest of my life! 
  • I wouldn’t have a ton of ridiculously fun karaoke memories with my hubby, friends, and co-workers. 
  • I wouldn’t have had the courage to hop up on stage to sing along with Mary Wilson at one of her concerts. 
  • I would miss out on countless jam sessions with my kids and road trip singalongs with my pals. 
  • I would always hold back instead of freely praising God during our worship service.

In so many ways, Mike literally gave me my voice with that simple compliment. Today, I want you to find yours – your gift, talent, or source of joy you’ve been ignoring because you won’t acknowledge the truth behind kind words.

Overflowing Jesus Journal: Day 37

Do you write off compliments? If so, how much are you missing out on because you refuse to hear what God tries to tell you through other people?

Pray for wisdom and insight, and then read the following verse and let it sink into your soul. 

Peter 4:10-11 – 10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 11 If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen.

When you’re ready, journal the following as a prayer:

  • Name one thing people compliment you on, other than your appearance.
  • How would it impact your life if you cultivated that gift?
  • How could you serve God with it?
  • Make a plan to do one thing today, and each day, to disown your discomfort, face your fear, and grow your gifting.
  • Pray for one person by name.
  • Thank God for three blessings from the last 24 hours. No repeats from previous entries!

Thanks for joining me! If this is your first time here, or it’s your first experience prayer journaling and you can’t wait to get more journal prompts, AWESOME! We’re doing a total of 40 days of prayer journal prompts. Just start with Day 1, which explains the whole concept.

If you like, you can do the posts after the Day 1 post, in chronological order, to get the full healing experience. Just click the left arrow on the post carousel, below, and it will guide you through them.

No pressure though! If you’re crunched on time, you can treat them like a buffet and only write on the ones that inspire you or tug at your spirit. Let the Lord guide you through your process. This is your journey and I’m thrilled that this little blog is a part of it!

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Be blessed!

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