Oops! I Had A Human Moment

I had a very human moment when I scheduled the posts yesterday. I accidentally scheduled the Overflowing Jesus Journal: Day 38 prompt, which was supposed to publish this morning, to post yesterday with Day 37.

To make matters worse, I set them to post at the same time, but WordPress took it upon itself to publish Day 38 before Day 37, so now I look like I can’t count!

HAHAHAHA! Such is life! Gotta keep your sense of humor, right?! At least God loves us in all our glorious imperfections!

I am sorry, though. If you’re looking for today’s prompt, please refer back to Day 38, or if you all ready did it, keep your momentum going and either use today to pour your heart out to the Lord in your journal, or you can journal about the importance of showing yourself grace when you make a mistake. WOOHOO, it’s a free day!

Tomorrow, we’ll get back on track with Day 39. See you then and have a blessed day!

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2 thoughts on “Oops! I Had A Human Moment

  1. Haha, Julie! No mistakes, Julie! At least, not on my calendar! I wondered about the 2 showing up yesterday… and I didnt do Day 38 yesterday. .. I just completed it! I moved over the weekend and got my morning time to be with God all mixed up due to issues w Spectrum, u-haul, new bedroom, etc. God is soo sooo good and kind and loving.
    Truly realize one negative thought wants to open the flood gates to old strong holds. Choosing to focus on the Presence of Loving Jesus Christ dispels those lies. And in the choice of choosing quiet time w the Lord… I hear the loving, compliments, promises of our Heavenly Father.
    Thank you, Julie


    1. Thank you for your grace, Susie!! When I realized both went live at the same time, I thought maybe, just maybe, God knew someone needed Day 38 a day early. He knows more than I ever will and at least I got a good laugh out of it! He’s definitely teaching me not to take myself so seriously. So glad to hear about your beautiful time connecting with the Father! Sending lots of prayers for the remainder of your transition into your new space going nice and smooth. Your words this morning were such a blessing. Thank you!


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