The Unforgettable Beauty of Tiny Moments

The other night, right at bedtime, I asked my four-year-old daughter to let the dog in. I heard the door open, its giant feet clomping inside, and the door creak back shut, but no sounds from the kid. Just eerie silence.

I got up to remind her it was bedtime – and she shouldn’t go outside by herself – when I heard her little voice calling, “Mommy! Come HERE!! It’s soooooo pretty!”

I found her sitting outside on the front porch, staring up at the sky with awe on her little face. She patted the stoop beside her and beckoned, “Sit with me and help me find shooting stars!” 

I had a choice. I could be responsible and get her to bed exactly on time – because this was NOT the plan and I needed to get up early – or I could join her in that precious moment of whimsey and delight. 

I chose differently than I normally would and plopped down next to her.

We gazed up together, noting the shape of the moon, how it lit up the clouds, and the way the stars peeked out at us from behind them. She was disappointed by the lack of shooting stars but overjoyed by the beauty above her.

Then, the magic happened. A firefly lit up its little butt. 

“Mama! Mama! LOOOOOOK!!” She jumped up and down, pointing, with joy radiating out of her tiny body. 

“There you go, baby! Those fireflies are your own little shooting stars,” I grinned.

“Yes! Mama, let’s make wishes on them!” 

And so we did. Her wishes were as follows:

  1. For a teeeeeeeeeeeeensy tiny ladybug friend.
  2. For her dad and I to paint her room “pinkish-gray, whitish-gray, and pinkish-blue with just a hint of bright purple.”
  3. For her dad and I to have another baby. (Sorry kid, not happening.)

I made my own wishes, too – but I can’t tell you what they were or they won’t come true. 

If I could freeze time right there, I would. I’m so grateful God opened my eyes to the possibility of a moment and said I yes to it. The beauty of that tiny slice of time was unforgettable, a little piece of heaven, right here on earth. Simple, profound, free, and only took a few minutes, yet it will stay in my heart forever. Hopefully hers, too. All I had to do was break the script and engage. I’m so thankful I made the right choice.

Matthew 19:14 (NIV) – Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Friend, today I ask you: Where are your moments? How can you focus and be present? Who can you help feel special, heard, and validated? If you’re a mama, how can you fully engage with your kiddos? I guarantee, when you do, it will bless them and it will do the same for you.

Have a God day, my friend!

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