Hi! I’m Julie.

Performance Improvement Coordinator by Day! Blogger and entrepreneur by… wee hours of morning.

From humans to health systems, I’ve spent my twelve year career figuring out how to take broken things and make them better. First as a nurse, then as a Quality Specialist, and finally as a Performance Improvement Coordinator with a Masters of Nursing in Leadership and Innovation.

During a dark period of paralyzing overwhelm, I surrendered everything to God. When I did he blessed me with an A-HA! that led me to combine my career knowledge with biblical principles. The result transformed my life and my home and helped me recognize the staggering impact the overflow of my moods, views, and attitudes have on my family.

The goal of this blog and my life’s work is to teach you how to do the same. Every person’s situation is different, so I want to show you how to personalize these principles so they create meaningful change for you. Let’s get rid of overwhelm altogether and exchange it for lives that overflow with God’s joy, hope, and peace.


Wrote and teach three Overflowing Women bible studies: Pour, Fill, and Overflow. Pour teaches women how to prioritize their lives to decrease overwhelm and make room for God. Fill focuses on learning how to trust Jesus enough to rest in him. Overflow helps ladies recognize and maximize their gifts and talents, so the overflow of their blessings transforms the world around them.


Author of Love Your Light, a book that teaches children to embrace kindness and compassion, and do what’s right, even when it’s hard. Her book has been featured on WMFD, by organizations, such as ForeverDads, in multiple elementary schools, and is listed as a family resource book by Autism Speaks.


Our lives and situations are as unique as we are. Therefore, what works for some people might not work for you. My goal is to teach you how to figure out the best, easiest, most logical solutions for life transformation – you know, ones that actually work – and how to effectively apply them.


Spoken to hundreds on such topics as: healing lives using biblical innovations, transforming workplace culture through appreciation, legacy leadership, and inclusion/anti-bullying messages.

Let’s transform together.