It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

Last week, an old friend of the family and his son got killed in a car accident. He was 30 and his son was just two years old. Both died so young and way too soon for our human hearts. God knows better than we do about everything, so I have to trust his timing … Continue reading It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

How to Live Your Best Life in the “New Normal” – Day 24

Quarantine is a gift. Yep, I said it. That was a scary sentence to write, and I know it flies in the face of popular opinion. Just hear me out. I'll make it worth you time, I love the way Chrystal Evans-Hurst put it in her recent interview with Christy Wright, when she said, “Quarantine … Continue reading How to Live Your Best Life in the “New Normal” – Day 24

Overflowing Jesus Journal – Day 22

Hello, friend! Welcome to your Day 22 journal prompt. If you’ve stuck with me this whole time, God bless your soul! Thank you and I love ya! If this is your first time reading, or it’s your first time back in a while, welcome! I’m so happy you’re here and I pray you enjoy it. … Continue reading Overflowing Jesus Journal – Day 22

Need Hope? Crave Peace? Try This! – Day 1

A while ago, a wonderful friend of mine who tends to remain spiritually grounded no matter what storms rage around her, mentioned she keeps a prayer journal. The conversation instantly meandered away from the topic, but her words struck a chord me. I started mine shortly after and WOW! It felt like God lifted the … Continue reading Need Hope? Crave Peace? Try This! – Day 1

When God’s Plans Don’t Match Our Own

God tells us "no" all the time, but it took me a long time to realize the dreaded "no" was actually the most loving response possible. Like me telling my toddler "no" when she thinks running into traffic is a great idea. We don't know God's plans for us, but He does. Today's post is about learning to trust and accept God's plan and His answers. Be blessed!