Overflowing Jesus Journal – Day 16

Here is your Day 16 prayer journal prompt. I pray you’re enjoying your journaling journey and having a ton of revelations from it. God is so good! Just as an FYI, the prompts for Days 15-21 will be simpler posts because I’m a week to rest, rejuvenate, and focus on God and family. It would … Continue reading Overflowing Jesus Journal – Day 16

God, Yourself, or the World: Who do you believe? – Day 7

Sister, you were created in God’s image. Yes, you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. He doesn’t have off days. God himself, the maker of the universe and its infinite stars, carefully planned for you. He shaped, molded, and designed you specifically and purposefully, with his own mighty hands. He considered every … Continue reading God, Yourself, or the World: Who do you believe? – Day 7

Need Hope? Crave Peace? Try This! – Day 1

A while ago, a wonderful friend of mine who tends to remain spiritually grounded no matter what storms rage around her, mentioned she keeps a prayer journal. The conversation instantly meandered away from the topic, but her words struck a chord me. I started mine shortly after and WOW! It felt like God lifted the … Continue reading Need Hope? Crave Peace? Try This! – Day 1

The Massive Thing You’re Overlooking

The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these." - Mark 12:31 It’s officially one of the greatest commandments, but what do the words, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” mean to you (Mark 12:31)? Think about it: How do you love your neighbors? Is it through: Kindness?Generosity?Service?Honoring your … Continue reading The Massive Thing You’re Overlooking