How to Live Your Best Life in the “New Normal” – Day 24

Quarantine is a gift. Yep, I said it. That was a scary sentence to write, and I know it flies in the face of popular opinion. Just hear me out. I'll make it worth you time, I love the way Chrystal Evans-Hurst put it in her recent interview with Christy Wright, when she said, “Quarantine … Continue reading How to Live Your Best Life in the “New Normal” – Day 24

Overflowing Jesus Journal – Day 20

Hey friends! I’m so excited you’re here! This your Day 20 prayer journal prompt. I hope you’re enjoying your journaling experience! For me, it’s been a joyful journey into God’s peace. My prayer for you is that it brings you hope, clarity, and healing, and that it connects you to Jesus’s love for you. If … Continue reading Overflowing Jesus Journal – Day 20

How to Replace Fear with Hope – Day 8

Fear: It’s literally a scary topic, but an important one. Some of life’s greatest turning points come from staring fear in the face and acknowledging it, and then recognizing your God is mightier than your worst fear could ever dream of being. Of course, we get scared of the obvious: rejection, failure, bad things happening, … Continue reading How to Replace Fear with Hope – Day 8

Basking in the Beauty of God’s Love – Day 4

Imagine the greatest instance of heart-bursting love you’ve ever experienced. Recreate that moment in your mind with as much detail as you can. Were you on the giving end, receiving end, or both? Where were you? What were you doing? Who were you with? What led up to that moment. How did it make you … Continue reading Basking in the Beauty of God’s Love – Day 4

ALL THINGS Work For Your Good – Day 3

Sometimes, it's impossible to see how any good can come from a situation. I share this with the hope it helps you find God's peace, even in the darkest moments. #GodisGood #OverflowingJesusJournal #OverflowingWoman

You Are Covered With His Feathers – Day 2

How are you feeling today?  Calm? Distraught? Joyful? Anxious? Courageous? Fearful? Grounded? Uprooted?  Frustrated? Peaceful? Something else altogether?  Now, more than ever, it’s so easy to get distracted by the concerns of the world and the feelings our circumstances inspire, that we can forget we have an almighty Father who loves us. However, our feelings … Continue reading You Are Covered With His Feathers – Day 2

Need Hope? Crave Peace? Try This! – Day 1

A while ago, a wonderful friend of mine who tends to remain spiritually grounded no matter what storms rage around her, mentioned she keeps a prayer journal. The conversation instantly meandered away from the topic, but her words struck a chord me. I started mine shortly after and WOW! It felt like God lifted the … Continue reading Need Hope? Crave Peace? Try This! – Day 1

What Seeds Are You Planting?

Have you ever thought about the types of seeds you’re planting in people’s lives? We’re always planting them. Good or bad, fruitful or diseased, we sprinkle them everywhere we go, around every person we meet. We might even toss out different types of seeds on different days, depending on our mood, mindset, heart, or life … Continue reading What Seeds Are You Planting?

Choose the Miracle

We all pray for miracles, while simultaneously asking God to remove us from any situation that would require a miracle. - Priscilla Shirer, "Give Your Gifts to God." We are living through a historic crisis - one that requires a miracle. I love how well Priscilla’s quote, above, reflects our current state and the opportunity … Continue reading Choose the Miracle