The God of the Universe is Always With You

We’ve done a lot of in-depth journaling over the last 35 days. Today is a free day. Bust out a journal and pray for everything that is on your heart. Lift up prayers for other people and for your own life. Give God your praises, worries, hopes, fears, peace-creating, and anxiety-provoking situations. Whatever it is, … Continue reading The God of the Universe is Always With You

Overflowing Jesus Journal: Day 22

Hello, friend! Welcome to your Day 22 journal prompt. If you’ve stuck with me this whole time, God bless your soul! Thank you and I love ya! If this is your first time reading, or it’s your first time back in a while, welcome! I’m so happy you’re here and I pray you enjoy it. … Continue reading Overflowing Jesus Journal: Day 22