Overflowing Jesus Journal – Day 16

Here is your Day 16 prayer journal prompt. I pray you’re enjoying your journaling journey and having a ton of revelations from it. God is so good! Just as an FYI, the prompts for Days 15-21 will be simpler posts because I’m a week to rest, rejuvenate, and focus on God and family. It would … Continue reading Overflowing Jesus Journal – Day 16

The Truth About Balance and How to Achieve It

We’re all desperately trying to achieve that ever-elusive state known as “life balance.” It seems like it should be so easy to master, yet it feels impossible to attain. We tend to think of the different areas of our lives as cups. You might have the following cups: God, family, work, self-care, health, and leisure, … Continue reading The Truth About Balance and How to Achieve It

Five Verse Friday: Rest

Welcome to Five Verse Friday. Each week, FVF will have a specific theme, with five verses or sets of them, to support it. It’s designed to let God do the talking and help you grow in relationship with Him, so I’ll just give a little intro. After that, you can take these verses, pray over … Continue reading Five Verse Friday: Rest